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Highland Crystal

10 Set Blind Box - The Big 10 - HighlandCrystal Main

10 Set Blind Box - The Big 10 - HighlandCrystal Main

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Welcome to highland crystal tiktok live, we sell the crystals by set in this link.



Rose quartz/Dream amethyst/Flourite/Citrine/Fire quartz/Sphalerite

Clear quartz/Flower agate/Blue calcite/Ocean jasper/Carnelian agate/Kiwi jasper/

Agate /Yoooperlite/Strawberry quartz/Unakite/Garnet/Afghanistan jade/

Rhodochrosite/Purple Mica/Ruby Zoisite/Green grass jasper/Rhodonite/

Caribbean calcite/Septarian/Polychrome/Adventurine jade/Money agate/

Fossil jasper/Labradorite/Moss/Agate/Obsidian/Mahogany obsidian/Amethyst/Howlite/

Kambaba Jasper/Tiger's Eye/Garden Quartz/Red Jasper/Dragon Blood Stone/

Lapis Lazuli/Zebra/Labradorite/Moon Stone/Golden Healer/African Blood Stone/

Amazonite/Sodalite/Orca agate/Smoky Quartz


Type: Sphere/Tower/Carving/Palm stone/Animal/Cube/Flame/Heart Shape/Cluster/Mountain/Freeform stone/Etc.


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