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Crystal DIY Beads for bracelets With Free Strings and Needles

Crystal DIY Beads for bracelets With Free Strings and Needles

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elcome to highland crystal DIY channel.

1 bowl=6 scoops=6 bracelets


1.Red jasper 8mm
2.Mookaite 8mm
3.Black obsidian(Golden) 8mm
4.Africa blood stone 8mm
5.Red carnelian 8mm
6.Crazy lace agate 8mm
7.Larvikite 8mm
8.Moss agate 8mm
9.Red Strawberry quartz 8mm
10.Yellow tigers eye 8mm
11.Sodalite 8mm
12.Green Aventurine 8mm
13.Rose quartz 8mm
14.Agate 8mm
15.Amethyst 8mm
16.Caribbean 8mm
17.Howlite 8mm
18.Milky Clear quartz 8mm
19.Clear quartz 8mm
20.Black tourmaline 8mm
21.Violet 8mm
22.Serpeggiante 8mm
23.Pink zebra 8mm
24.Lepidolite 8mm
25.Unakite 8mm
26.Lemon Jade 8mm
27.Mixed Fluorite 8mm
28.Ocean jasper stone 8mm
29.Dragon blood stone 8mm
30.Kiwi Stone 8mm
31.Landscape Jasper 8mm
32.Red leopard Stone 8mm
35.Blue Aventurine 8mm
36.Morganite(Lad created) 8mm
37.Afghanistan Jade 8mm
38.Labradorite 8mm
39.Pink Aventurine 8mm
40.Red Aventurine 8mm
41.Black Zebra 8mm
42.White Crazy Agate 8mm
43.Blue Sun Stone(Lad created) 8mm
44.Golden Sun Stone(lad created) 8mm
45.Grass Agate 10mm
46.Moss Agate 10mm
47.Yellow Tiger Eye 6mm
48.Rose Quartz 6mm
49.Lepidolite 6mm
50.Serpeggiante(Yellow) 8mm
51.Blue Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
52.Purple Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
53.Pink Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
54.Red Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
55.Malachite 8mm (Lad created)
56.Turquoise 8mm (Lad created)
57.Peacock Green Opal 8mm(Lad created)
58.Aqua Blue Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
59.Light Green Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
60.Light Blue Opalite 8mm(Lad created)
61.White Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
62.Khaki Pink Opalite 8mm (Lad created)
63.Candy Morganite 6mm(Lad created)
64.Azure Morganite 6mm(Lad created)
65.Indian Agate 8mm
66.Dragon Pattern Aquamarine 8mm
67.Red Tiger Eye 8mm
68.Dragon Agate 8mm
69.White agate 8mm

Importand notice:

1.Please make sure to fill the correct shipping address.

2.Please leave a note as the fixed format for your items requires.

3.All the order will be processed on the livestream.

Beads Size :8mm crystal beads.

Color:Different bead with different color(red yellow white black green blue purple..



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