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VIP-Highland Crystal DIY Beads for bracelets With Free Strings and needles

VIP-Highland Crystal DIY Beads for bracelets With Free Strings and needles

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VIP1:Lapiz Lazuli 8mm $15
VIP2:Amazonite 8mm$15
VIP3:Amethyst 8mm $15
VIP4:Fire Quartz 8mm $15
VIP5:Ocean Jasper 8mm $15
VIP6:Tower Quartz 8mm $15
VIP7:Blue Apatite 8mm$18
VIP8:Citrine 8mm$18
VIP9: Golden/Strawberry Quartz 8mm $15
VIP10:Sun Stone 8mm$20 8mm
VIP11:Snake Skin Jasper 8mm$15
VIP12:Bamboo Leaf Agate 8mm $13
VIP13:Australia Zebra Jasper 8mm $13
VIP14:Zoisite 8mm $15
VIP15:Sodalite 8mm $15
VIP16:Green Mica 8mm $25
VIP17:Dream Amethyst 8mm $15
VIP18:Prehnite 8mm $20
VIP19:Pink Opal 8mm $18
VIP20:Rutilated Black Tourmaline 8mm $15
VIP21:Rainbow Tiger Eye 8mm $13
VIP22:Unakite 10mm $13
VIP23:Yellow Tiger Eye 10mm $13
VIP25:Rose Quartz 10mm $13
VIP26:Amethyst 10mm $20
VIP28:Purple Fluorite 8mm $15
VIP29:Mixed Fluorite 8mm $15
VIP 30:Mixed Fluorite 12mm $20
VIP31:Unakite 12mm $15
VIP32:Yellow Tiger Eye 12mm $18
VIP33:Red Jasper 12mm $20
VIP35:Lapiz Lazuli 6mm $15
VIP36:Amethyst 6mm $15
VIP37:Square African Dragon $30
VIP38:Square Red Jasper $30
VIP40:Square Tiger Eye Jasper $30
VIP41:Diamond ShapeYellow Jade $20
VIP42:Diamond Shape Tiger Eye $20
VIP43:Star Shape Amethyst $18
VIP44:Diamond Shape Mixed(Lad Created) $18
VIP45:Star Shape howlite $18
VIP46:Star shape tiger eye $18
VIP47:Star shape rose quartz $18

Importand notice:

1.Please make sure to fill the correct shipping address.

2.Please leave a note as the fixed format for your items requires.

3.All the order will be processed on the livestream.

Beads Size :6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm  crystal beads.

Color:Different bead with different color(red yellow white black green blue purple..

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